2019 PRIZE
10th GreenWay Art Prize commissions


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To mark the 10th anniversary of the Greenway Art Prize, a series of posters of past Open Art Prize winners was commissioned. The artists pictured being representatives of the broader creative community who come together each year for this celebrated event.


Displayed at the entrance to Hawthorne Tunnel, this temporary installation is a deliberate link between Art Est. Gallery where the prize is held each year – through the tunnel and up the hill, and the GreenWay corridor.


Invited artists were asked to provide an image of their winning artwork or one from their solo exhibition at Art Est. to contextualise their studio portraits.


A second portrait of each artist was taken on the GreenWay with a treasured object or recent artwork and these were installed at the entrance to Art Est. 


Gilbert Grace (2018), Jody Graham (2017), Geoff Harvey (2016), Gauri Torgalkar (2015), Laura Moore (2014), Sandra Winkworth (2013), David Watson (2012),Cathy Abadie (2011), Gilbert Grace (2010).


Photography:  Daniel Kukec Photography

Supported by Innerwest Council, Living Arts team and Art Est. 

A Space to Call Our Own

Soundscape by Frank Dwyer

A Greenway Art Prize 10th anniversary commission - temporary Installation, 29 October - 10 November, Hawthorne Canal Tunnel, Leichhardt.



This installation features a collage of sounds recorded from around the local area. The sounds morph and change in nature over the course of the work to reflect how our environment is also undergoing constant change. While some of these changes are welcomed by the community, others are resisted.
The drifting soundscapes blend with the site’s architecture and natural surrounds to form a contained and immersive experience for those who linger or a flash of colour for those passing through.
A Space To Call Our Own allows for gentle contemplation about the places we live and what they mean to us.



Frank Dwyer is an emerging artist who has lived and worked in the Inner West his whole life. As a Kegworth primary school student he was involved in painting some of the murals in this tunnel. He is currently studying composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


This composition was realised with the help of current students from Kegworth Public School.
Special thanks to:
Alex Berini for help with installing the work
The Inner West Council’s GreenWay Steering Committee (Nick Chapman)
Kegworth Public School (Belinda Perih, Pauline Findlay, Year 4 Students)
Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Damian Barbeler)
Department of Theatre & Performance Studies, University of Sydney (Richard Manner)

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