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Banyan Filtered Light, 2023

Charcoal & Ink on Brown Card

104cm x 145cm (framed)



The Banyan Tree

beyond and within the shifts of filtered light

its stillness holds the image.

In life the limbs turn like steps,

to walk away from its present place

outside my window.

I see it breath, escape the hold land has

and walk Lord Howe Island.

I am connected to this tree,

Alive and ancient




The Banyan trees of Lord Howe Island are one of my favourites of the figs. They are tall giants of rainforest times growing straight to the top of the canopy. This Banyan with its sleek lines andshadowy light captured my imagination. A baby in real terms ofothers that surround it. I chose to work on Brown card in thispiece, giving it a sense of depth without adding other colours. Ihope the viewer can feel the size and grandeur of these trees.


Banyan in Filtered Light

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