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Dylan Lee (12yrs)
Fatima Island, Cooks River

Air-drying clay, steel wire, air-drying clay, acrylic paint, terracotta plate
14 x 22 x 22cm


My model is of Fatima Island at low tide, meaning that the island is higher out of the water. As a result of flooding starting at the beginning of last year, water levels increased in many parts of Australia. These floods have slowly torn down this island and brought it down to a few metres wide at low tide! I chose Fatima Island because of its beauty, and its contrasting colours which I noticed as I was kayaking past it. Later that day I was researching its elegance and found out its amazing history. As there are middens (large piles of shells) on both sides of the river, people believe that Fatima Island was a meeting place used by the First Nations peoples.

Fatima Island, Cooks River

SKU: Dylan Lee 2022
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