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Dale-Myree Dal Santo



Repurposed yarns, art board, vintage locust pins, safety pins , acrylic paint and cable ties

73 x 55 x 55cm

Epacris Longiflora- is a native Fuchsia that is sprinting along the GreenWay corridor and the inspiration for this sculptural work. The concepts that underpin the GreenWay community project in terms of the value in the provision of green-space, our land, individual well-being and the repurposing of materials fits seamlessly within my personal art practice.


As an art therapist, educator and fibre artist, I believe art making to be crucial to achieving a sense of well-being and provides oneself with a positive direction to navigate life. Manipulating yarn, repurposing and the sourcing of materials from charity outlets, has continued to be instrumental in my art practice, forcing me to be creative with the materials available.


This conceptual sculpture can be displayed as a wall installation or a combined sculptural artwork. This versatility highlights the fluidity of my creations while inviting the viewer to experience the tactile qualities evoked by this piece.


SKU: Dale-Myree Dal Santo 2022
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