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Old Lady Mangrove, 2023

Ink, Charcoal & Graphite on Canvas

51 x 71cm (framed)



Mangroves… hold their memories like badges, witnesses to the changes of the landscape.


Unwilling companions to our impositions of change. She is an ancient mangrove, her babies litter the sands edging the water like sentinels. Her memories are long and her body shows the scars of good times and bad. Studying this mangrove you feel like an interloper into a world beyond your mind, one where they move quietly and gracefully as though dancing upon the sands.


Many have fallen to human settlement but in the darker places under the canopy they spread. You can see their true selves, with their walking legs.


Using Belgian Linen as my substrate I enjoyed the textures it gave the work, how the inks and charcoals worked into the surface allowing shifts that do not happen on paper.


Old Lady Mangrove

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