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Sentinel of Stingray Bay, 2023

Graphite and Charcoal on Canson

100 x 31.5cm



Mangroves… show the scars of their lives with pride for all to see. 

Unlike the gum which sheds its bark each year... like putting on a new dress  Mangroves are witnesses to the memories of the landscape.  

I am moved by what they tell us. 




The journey they have been part of, unwilling companions to our impositions of changes we demand of the world around us.  I am in love with their twist and turns, mangroves walking toward a new life. Some like sentinels on the sand, where you feel like an interloper into a world beyond your mind, one where they move quietly and gracefully as though dancing upon the sands.  Like mangroves, many have fallen to human settlement but in the darker places under the canopy they spread. You can see their true selves, with their walking legs. 


Sentinel of Stingray Bay

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