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Paola Talbert

Sunset River


81.5 x 56.5cm


I am a contemporary artist who specialises in lens based photography and alternative photographic processes. 


The natural environment along Cooks river is a location I often cycle and walk along. The ebb and flow of the tide, the vibrant plants and bird life that exist along this important urban water way is a special place of contemplation and reflection. I have often worked with multiple exposure in camera at various sites at different times of the day. My favourite period of the day is late afternoon when the natural ambient light is filtered through plants and creates abstract patterns. I often invert my compositions and experiment with horizon lines from the river's edge and the tree line in the background as I have done here in this composition. 


The river and its ecology is foremost when I am out walking, like picking up rubbish along the paths & mangroves.

Sunset River

SKU: Paola Talbert 2022
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