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Veits Height Unseen, 2021

Charcoal and pencil on Japanese hemp paper

220 x 137cm (framed)



Making the unseen seen, in this drawing an as yet unnamed underwater guyot (nicknamed Veits Height) is examined. This hidden landscape on the continent of Zealandia is only visible due to the coding sea floor maping that is taking place. With multibeam sonar and bathymetry they expose ocean to reveal the invisible. ‘Veits Height’ raises from the floor 3.5km yet stops just 300 meters below sea-level. By combining the coding that is generated by the sonic mapping and the ships trajectory to create a series of works I wish to examine the broader question about the technology that brings into the light that which is invisible. Using this computer code technology to expose the hidden landscape without which it would remain obscured from our view.


Veits Height Unseen

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