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Alright stop, collaborate and listen ... celebrate art in primary schools

A group of young children on the ground, working collaboratively on a large colourful artwork

Art Est Art School announces exciting NEW Primary School Collaborative Award Calling all parents and teachers to celebrate art in primary schools. PARENTS : why not suggest this opportunity to your child's class teacher! Win a hamper of Derivan Matisse products  + 1.5 hr art workshop with one of our professional artists at Art Est. HQ in Leichhardt or at your child's school.

+ The teacher of the winning class artwork wins a $250 Art Est. gift voucher to have fun, and brush up on some new skills.

A brightly coloured collage of individual circular artworks forming the leaves of klimt-inspired tree.

TEACHERS : if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together! Ubuntu – I am because we are. Give your students a taste of exhibiting in a professional art exhibition at White Bay Power Station. Everyone wins! Foster confidence, model important life skills, and build camaraderie and a sense of community by working collaboratively towards a common goal.

Use this eco-art opportunity to engage students in thoughtful discussion on climate issues and caretaking our environment.

Derivan banner beside a group of primary school aged children and their collaborative artwork.

These delicious qualitative benefits + the opportunity to win an art experience for your class! (and a voucher for yourself!) Entry is Free – so start planning your collaborative entry to the 2024 GreenWay Art Prize. Entries close – midnight August 25


Note: Senior Youth Art Award is open to secondary school students. Prize pool : $500

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