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New 'EcoArt Award' for the GreenWay

Updated: May 11

EcoArt Award First Prize $5K    High Commended $2.5K

Spreading the word through EcoArt – a distinct genre that addresses politics, culture, economics, ethics and aesthetics as they impact the conditions of ecosystems. This new Award for EcoArt is sponsored by Lois Harris – a documentary film researcher of 30 years, working nationally and internationally on material in both political and social contexts. Lois is also the Founder of Kibera Pad Co situated in Nairobi Kenya. Donations to the Kibera Pad Co enable FREE sanitary pads to be distributed to young girls, to help them stay in school and finish their education.  It also offers permanent employment to local women from Kibera Slum, who make and distribute these pads.

 Lois Harris celebrating with young girls from Kibera Slum

More than an environmental crisis – climate change is also a social crisis that compels us to address issues of inequality on many levels.

Educating girls and empowering women is one of the most high-impact and cost-effective ways for every nation on this planet to take positive action on climate change.

Kibera Pad Co logoin purple and white
Social solutions to climate change, while lesser known than technical or natural solutions, are just as powerful. So while we are electrifying transport and transitioning to renewables, we need to be providing universal access to education, health care and family planning if we are to provide these incredible social benefits and protect our planet. The Regenerators

a series of small cast objects found along the greenway

Clare Britton : A week on the Cooks River, winner of the 2019 Cooks River Small Sculpture Award sponsored by the Cooks River Alliance

Artists considered for the EcoArt Award Will be working with one or more of the following:

  • Interrelationships in our environment—the physical, biological, cultural, political, and historical aspects of ecological systems.

  • Natural materials under environmental forces such as wind, water, or sunlight.

  • The reclamation, restoration, and remediation of damaged environments.

  • Creatively proposing new possibilities for coexistence, sustainability, and healing.

To be considered for this Award ✔️ select the EcoArt checkbox on the entry form and when prompted, include a couple of sentences to support your artwork's eligibility. This is an additional opportunity e.g. enter Local Artist Prize category and also tick /Eco Art to be considered for this Award or enter Photo category and tick Eco Art if your work fits the brief. NB: Eco Art Award category is in addition to existing prize categories and open to all finalists/all mediums.

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