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Dream Weaver

Anna Mango

I am the Dream Weaver manifesting dreams

Drawing you into a world of serenity and meditation as you focus

Feeling yourself getting pulled into the textures and patterns, thinking about your own childhood, adolescence and adulthood dreams


These pieces are vintage metal spring bed bases, once upon a time someone’s bed,

their dream maker

I work with street trash!

All these materials come from the streets and neighbourhoods Innerwest and Canada Bay

The cot bed is weaved with all forms of electrical wires

The Single bed is weaved from discarded floor felt, from a project I was involved in

The double bed is weaved from milk cartons from a Coffee Shop in Wareemba, their Sunday milk consumption

Lapland Dreaming

I am a Laplander

I constantly yearn and conjure the beauty of the landscape, the stillness, the muted tones of winter, in my mind

The word Lapp has a loose translation to Rag, it was said that Lapps wore rags, this was my inspiration


I made many rags and began to weave randomly

handling the cloth, wrapping the cloth,

each piece beautiful,

giving me a connection

imagining myself in the arctic, in the snow, on my own

** All materials in this collection are street trash and fabric shop throw outs

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